Turning it around on Tower Control (16-9, Tri-slosher)

24th January 2017 – 7.00 am

Time to bring out the bucket so that I can restore some dignity to my inkling. That's the plan, but the laggy feel to some of these splats isn't helping me feel in control. But I do what I can, which after that first splat means getting inky revenge.

Going behind teal lines is invigorating, even if my Bubbler can't protect me forever. Flanking the opposition also works well when they are in control of the Tower, and I quite like the route I found in an earlier game. Not bad for sloshing from above, but also effective in dropping down behind the Tower.

Sadly, what follows is a sequence of my being splatted whilst being almost entirely ineffective. It's all a bit demoralising. And I only contribute to the first splat after that unfortunate period, not getting the final inking. But that's okay, as it perks up my inkling and we get some good splats on our own.

We still have a long way to push the Tower to get anywhere close to a victory, though. I think I'll just be happy to get some decent splats and feel like I am contributing. And I do get some decent splats, and those help my squidmates push the Tower to take the lead! Woomy!

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