Trying out the N-ZAP '89 in Splat Zones (10-8, N-ZAP '89)

25th January 2017 – 7.00 am

I've got an itch to try a different weapon. The N-ZAP '89 looks good, and its range has often proved effective against me. I show that the range works for me too, as I splat the charger who has disappeared from his perch. But having good range means you don't have to get close, which I immediately forget.

I've had a bit of use with the Sprinkler from the Kelp Splatterscope, so I occasionally remember to use it, as it can be useful in Splat Zones, even if just as a distraction. The Inkstrike should prove useful too, if I can launch it safely.

Half meaning it, half without meaning it, I splat the charger quite a bit. That's okay with me. I also show a bit of sense in backing away from the Inkzooka, at least the first time. To top off the good battle I'm having, I even get a splat with the Sprinkler.

The N-ZAP '89 is a pretty good weapon, and I'm sure I can use it more. Maybe even to help win a battle.

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