Missing my moment and making up for it in Tower Control (13-7, Tri-slosher)

30th January 2017 – 7.00 am

I remember quite late in the evening that the fastest way to the ramp on Piranha Pit is across the conveyer belt out of the base, and not across the side. Well, I manage to use it well this battle, getting a splat, but not finding the charger.

I press ahead towards the yellow base, so that I can circle back and up the ramp to catch the charger, instead of trying to slosh upwards, but that just forces me to engage the recently splatted inklings, which makes me feel a bit guilty.

I turn back to go for the charger, and she's not even there. But I see her. I drop down but get stuck in two minds over the two threats, finally picking one and getting my splat. The Luna Blaster then gets me back and probably enjoys splatting the irritating inkling that was at their base.

I manage to do a really bad job of throwing a Disruptor at the Tower, trying to protect our lead, and splatting the charger applying pressure to our team. It's all a bit embarrassing. I can do better. And I do better, inking turf, splatting inklings, and providing support for us to retake the lead.

We are so close to the goal, and I have my Bubbler charged. I just have to jump on to the Tower and pop my Bubbler and we're home. I get over-confident, though, and think that Splat Bomb behind me is out of range. It isn't, and we lose the Tower. I should have just used my Bubbler then.

We have a big lead and aren't likely to lose it without a major disruption, but I still feel guilty that I messed up my moment to help. I focus my efforts on the team from then, and when the Tower is in a good position and my Bubbler charges, I squid straight for the Tower, jump on, and pop the Bubbler.

Maybe the Bubbler wasn't needed in the end, but rather than miss another moment I make a positive effort, and we get the knockout victory. Woomy!

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