Decent defence in Tower Control (6-3, Splatterscope)

31st January 2017 – 7.00 am

Hullo, there's another charger on my team. I automatically assume they are better than me with a charger, particularly having the E-litre 3K equipped, and so rather than aim for a usual perch, I want to stay out of their way and instead see if I can be disruptive whilst mobile.

The E-litre 3K on the other team isn't where I expect her to be, but I find myself around the side of a Splash Wall. I take a pot-shot in to the ink and, blimey, get myself a lucky first splat!

Checking the other perch doesn't find the E-litre 3K either, but a Luna Blast is up there, for some reason. I get myself in to a better position and, as luck would have it, they pop up just as I release my charge. Another splat!

I assess the situation for a bit. I don't jump on to the Tower, thinking it's probably best someone else did, but no one else thinks it a good idea either. Moving back around to cover turf and apply pressure, I spy an inkling trying to stay safe, and manage to close the angle very nicely indeed.

Now we can move the Tower. I feel safer with my Splat Bomb Rush available too, although I bounce more off the Tower's pillar than anywhere helpful. We take a small lead, but the teal team pressure us off the Tower, and this time I remember just in time that Killer Wails last longer than an instant.

I find a nice spot behind an inkable block that looks good to keep turf coverage and apply some pressure. It's a bit of a cheesy spot to stay, but it has worked against me in the past, and I can try to make it work for me now.

Our small leads turns in to a much bigger lead, and both me and the other charger try to keep it going. After that, we only really need to defend effectively, but missing a sitting duck of an Inkzooka only to be hit in return is not a good omen for good defending.

I try to get revenge on the Inkzooka, but pushing forwards reveals that they were holding some ink in reserve. We're able to defend most progress by the teal team, and ultimately enough. It's a decent victory and a decent battle for me.

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