Coming back from a bad position in Rainmaker (8-6, Splatterscope)

3rd February 2017 – 7.00 pm

I get off to a shaky start in this Ancho-V Games Rainmaker battle, and that's not just referencing my aim with the Splatterscope. It doesn't help that a teal inkling is camping our base for giggles. Thankfully, a squidmate takes care of her.

I take a few splats too, including one from an almost-depleted Rainmaker shot, which stings a bit. But I am gifted a couple of easy splats to get me back in to the battle, and maybe could have had a third had a squidmate not thrown a Bomb in to the Rainmaker. Still, his intentions were good.

The Rainmaker is mine! And I get a glorious distance of just about nowhere. But that lets me reset and try to pick off some more inklings with my Splatterscope. I get one by aiming, one by falling, and two by Splat Bomb. A good tally!

We start to move the Rainmaker too, and I move up to provide support. It turns out to be support for the other team, as I get splatted to spread their ink around, but never mind. I do better with the next push, even splatting my charger counterpart, and my squidmates give us the lead!

It was a good rush forwards, and the teal team have little response this late in the battle. I also manage to stay unsplatted at the last, which helps end the battle well.

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