So close to a comeback in Rainmaker (14-7, Tri-slosher)

4th February 2017 – 7.00 am

My desire to go for the chargers when I have the Tri-slosher equipped continues. I am spotted by the Squiffer, though, which isn't surprising given their lack of a scope, and am splatted, also not a surprise as they have a quick charge time.

The green team get a good lead, which thankfully I am in a good place to stop before it gets too far. We could probably still do something about that. I circle around to lay down some ink, but the green team are concentrated from all respawning at the same time.

We continue the tussles, and I almost get the drop on the Squiffer when he turns in to a Kraken. I think he loses sight of me, though, and by the time he catches up he transforms back, and I get the splat! I soon realise the explosion radius of a Suction Bomb is pretty big, though.

I keep aiming for the Squiffer when I see him, which isn't healthy, and thankfully I realise this occasionally and back off when there's no point pursuing a splat. I bluff myself, though, whereas the Squiffer super-jumps to the action.

I could super-jump too, but coming from behind has its advantages. Not losing the lead isn't one of them, though. We stop the push and, after a timely Bubbler, get the Rainmaker moving in the right direction again. I head a slightly different direction, as is my wont, and can't help but splat the Squiffer once more.

Another Bubbler has my surviving another Rainmaker encounter, leaving the Rainmaker almost there for the taking. I grab it and try to get the lead back, and although I'm close, thanks to an Inkstrike and Kraken, I am a whisker away.

We send wave after wave of our own inklings at the Rainmaker, but the green team drop it down to the ground floor, resetting it. I don't think we quite notice it's gone until it's too late. Still, I get a few splats out of it, even if we don't quite claw the lead back one last time.

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