Causing trouble around the Splat Zones (14-6, Tri-slosher)

12th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

An Octobrush, Rapid Blaster, and Luna Blaster on the other team spell trouble for me and my Tri-slosher. But I know how to wield a bucket, so hopefully I'll be okay. I get underneath the brush to start with, more by his efforts than mine, but the Rapid Blaster catches me from behind. So it goes.

I head across the bridge, taking the side wall as my preferred route, and climb higher, hoping that will help me. It does, and until the Rapid Blaster turns up I can stay up there, and when it does turn up I can use my Bubbler. Splatting the brush as well is just a nice bonus.

I try to use my Disruptor to the fullest, rather than mostly forgetting about it. But how about that jump at 2'15"? Right across the gap, and in to a Bomb Rush in progress. To be fair, many inklings don't want to waste their special, so I was relatively safe, but getting across that gap and getting the splat was fabulous.

I miss out on the Inkstrike inkling, and then slosh down form above ineffectively. I should do better. So I make another good jump and splat the Rapid Blaster again, and follow that up by, well, almost doing quite well, but at least I keep a couple of inklings occupied.

Another great jump across the gap, this time needing to ink the path as I go. I'm getting better at this. But the Rapid Blaster is there again. On my next pass, I have to jump on to the bridge, and whilst I'm there it seems like a better idea to ink the Splat Zones. I survive a brush with the Luna Blaster, and dive away from a Splat Bomb, and cross to the other side.

We lose the Splat Zones, so I turn back, but we get them again, so I turn back the way I was going. Good, because my Bubbler is ready, and here come some inklings. I Disrupt the Rapid Blaster, splat the Splattershot gunning for me, and am in time to catch the Disrupted Blaster for seconds. Nice!

We've lost the Splat Zones, though. But we have a good lead, and my squidmates are on it. I go back for more disruption, going high to surprise one inkling, dropping behind another, and head back to the Splat Zones as they turn yellow to force us in to extra time. I drop down and pop my Bubbler just in time to prevent my getting splatted, and get the splat instead, turning the Zones purple to end the match in our favour. Woomy!

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