Being a nuisance in Splat Zones (10-6, Tri-slosher)

19th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

Me and a Tri-slosher normally equals my trying to get around the back of the map and causing some disruption from behind. This doesn't change when playing Splat Zones on Museum d'Alfonsino.

I attract some early attention from the charger, which is good in a way. If he's looking at me, he's not looking at my squidmates or the Splat Zones. I think I get away with being spotted, until I am run roughshod over by a respawned inkling.

I go back and across to the other side, and end up popping a speculative Bubbler, which would serve me better if I could move away from Splat Bombs quicker.

Hey, we take the lead! Nice work, squidmates. I like to think I'm contributing, mostly doing my own thing over here. Surely getting splats and preventing the inklings from getting to the Splat Zones helps.

I see the rotating arm of the main platform and think of different way of getting to the opponents' side of the map. If I can ink the edge and jump from that side platform, that should do it. I don't even get to attempt the jump, though. But I'm going back to try again.

My second attempt at the jump just ends with a flop, as I mis-time it quite badly. There's more time to give it a proper go! I get back and the rotating platform stops. That makes me pause, and see action below me. I can't ignore it. But I take care of that, and as the arm swings by me I make the jump. Nice!

Getting up there doesn't help me much this time, though. I drop down and squid around, and try to help our charger in the battle with the other charger, but my Disruptor throwing arm is clearly not as strong as I thought. And it doesn't help to slosh ink over a ledge for ten seconds, so ignore that.

Time is up and we're in the lead, but the purple team has control of the Splat Zones. Now is a good time to concentrate on the Zones and not the splats. Extra time ends nice and quickly.

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