Pink panic in Splat Zones (0-2, E-litre 3K)

22nd February 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm trying out the E-litre 3K for a bit, to get some extra range over the Splatterscope and see if the lack of tunnel vision helps. I dunno, maybe, I'm mostly just feeling the longer charge time at the moment. My trigger finger is aching from urging the 3K to charge.

The extra range is nice, though, particularly in Splat Zones, where inking turf has its advantages over going for splats. That's good, because I get no splats in this battle, but manage to ink a fair amount of turf. I think.

I'm also trying to use the Burst Bombs well. I've seen other inklings make good use of them ink turf, either by their feet, just ahead of them, or in the Splat Zones themselves. I can do that, but still have to work on my aim when trying to get inklings away from me.

I have no idea how I last so long against that persistent inkling. Her shorter range had a clear advantage over my E-litre 3K, but perhaps she was wary of my Burst Bombs, thinking I knew what I was doing. It was good practice for me!

I try to exercise mostly turf control after that incident, and even remember that I can super-jump back to base if I get in to trouble, albeit a little later than would have been ideal.

Turf control works well, but the occasional splat would really help to tip the balance. Thankfully, my squidmates can do that. But even with the range of the E-litre 3K, I can't apply too much pressure on the Splat Zones from where I am. But I think it's more than if I got closer and got myself splatted.

The battle isn't looking good for us. The scores are 57 (+22) to 8 (+12), with less than twelve seconds to go. We take control to send the battle in to extra time, and although the Splat Zones go neutral occasionally, with some consistent pressure we keep our score ticking down. And down. And down.

I bet the pink team were really sweating by the end of this battle!

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