Some good blasts in Tower Control (13-9, Blaster)

27th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

As we switch to Tower Control, I switch to the Blaster. I quite like it for Tower Control, but I don't really practice it much. That should become obvious quite soon. At least I use the Disruptor with the Tri-slosher. And throw it in to walls a lot with the bucket too.

Whilst the range of the standard Blaster feels deceptively short at times, and I struggle to get good explosive effects, the Luna Blaster's short range certainly seems to let you get closer and still be effective. At least, when used against me. Maybe I can try it out soon.

As usual with a charger in the other team, I focus a fair bit of my attention on them. I get a good amount of satisfaction in being able to get close to them, even though it often is at the expense of the objective.

I get some good splats in the battle, and a couple of lucky splats, but I increase my manoeuvrability a little, try to keep my distance, and play the Blaster fairly well. If I can achieve this more often, I could be quite effective with it.

It's a defeat in the end. I probably didn't help too much at the right time, but I did my best.

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