Tigerears splats at the end of Tower Control (5-3, Blaster)

1st March 2017 – 7.00 am

Another burst of Tower Control has my breaking out the Blaster. I would like to get better with it, to the point where I am good. I still need to sort out my range more reliably, as is obvious quite early. But I think my manoeuvrability is getting better in general.

That squidbagging Seeker-throwing squid was in another match, and relentlessly squidbags. I dunno, if you enjoy it, I suppose. I can't get too excited over it.

I get some good or lucky direct hits, and those probably save me from a splatting, as is evidenced by my indirect hits generally having us trade splats. One direct hit is also good, because I was rueing not seeing that Inkstrike launch sooner.

As I tend to do, I squid around the back of the action to try to catch some squids off-guard, and get one splat as my squidmates make good progress on the Tower. I keep squidding towards and beyond them, because my Killer Wail has charged, and it would do more good pointing in the direction the Tower is moving.

I have a bit of trouble getting up the wall, again partly because of Blaster range issues, but get up there and get the Wail going. Under cover of the Wail, I squid forwards to support the Tower, and just as my squidmates are knocked off.

Not far to go, I try to clear the way ahead of purple inklings and their ink, but don't quite succeed. But that's okay, as the Tower decides I was on it long enough to complete the ride. Woomy!

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