Splats and misshaps in Tower Control (13-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

4th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

Sticking with the Carbon Roller, seeing what it can do in Tower Control. Blackbelly Skatepark and Bluefin Depot don't seem ideal for the weapon, but I'm willing to give it a try, particularly as I'm still learning.

I'm not entirely sure what my tactics should be, as I can't really forge ahead as strongly as with the Tri-slosher, as I don't project any ink. And I can't really hang back like with a charger. I'll just have to strike a balance between inking turf and trying to be sneaky.

My first splat is good, but things go a bit pear-shaped when the Tower gets in the way of my Seeker Rush. There aren't too many straight lines in the Skatepark, I suppose. I was just trying to provide some offensive coverage.

Accidentally sneaking under a Splash Wall is fun, and the second time it's happened with the Carbon Roller. Following up with a Roller vs. Roller splat was satisfying too. And despite my thrashing around with two inklings nearby, I come out on top.

I fall off the top too, and how I miss that inkling I opportunistically go for, I'm not sure. But so it goes. I jump off the Tower on purpose next, as I see a green inkling waiting to surprise us on a ledge on our side of the Skatepark. The surprise backfires.

My trying to flank the green team backfires too, though. When I am clumsily inking my way around, they steal the lead from us. I still need better awareness of these times. I clear up a bit, which is something, but it doesn't get us the lead. And having the Tower run away from me won't help us get it back either.

We make a push with the Tower as the clock ticks down, and get really close as the battle continues in to extra time, but it's not quite enough for the victory. Never mind! It was a fun battle for me with the Carbon Roller.

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