A good time to Wail in Tower Control (7-5, Blaster)

5th March 2017 – 7.00 am

Back to the Blaster for a bit with Tower Control. I could stick with the Carbon Roller, but I am still practicing with the Blaster too. As can be told by the shaky start in my first battle of the evening. At least a timely Kraken helps me out afterwards.

Quite what that Sploosh is made of I'm not sure, but she survives two of my blasts, and I have to dodge her Suction Bomb Rush to get the splat. At least I am being a little more cautious in my approach.

But sometimes you have to dive in to trouble to come out even. I splat the Sploosh during another Suction Bomb Rush, but am surrounded by the inksplosions. At least I see her kit, which has no defence. That makes the earlier survival a little baffling, but these things happen.

Some more progress and caution go together well as I stick besides my squidmates pushing the Tower forwards, and our Specials all pop up in a nice sequence. A Kraken catches a Disrupted inkling, an Echolocator pops, and my Killer Wail is ready.

I don't want to waste my Wail, so squid behind the Tower as it is on its final approach. What better place to use it? One splat keeps the channel clear as we take the lead, and following up to jump on the Tower gets a defensive splat.

It's only a little more distance to go, and we turn the battle around nice and smoothly for a knockout victory. Woomy!

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