Trying to find a groove in Tower Control (10-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

20th March 2017 – 7.00 am

Tower Control and Blackbelly Skatepark. The mode and map that probably work least well for the Carbon Roller Deco and its Seekers. But that's okay! I bet I can do something.

I remember previous attempts at squidding over a ledge at an inkling shooting right at me, and discard them as irrelevant and that this attempt will be better! I'm not entirely wrong, as this time I at least splat the inkling before being splatted.

I ought to cover turf and be somewhat discreet. I try this, but don't account for the range of a Splattershot Pro, fail to hide in my ink a bit, and then forget what Krakens can do. Silly me.

I do quite well splat the inkling covering our turf when her back is turned, and recover the Tower. And I keep doing okay until I don't back away from a Blaster, and keep ploughing forwards in to the blasts. I need to be more careful.

Getting stuck behind the grate was partly bad luck, partly bad planning, as was having an inkling in my sights drop beneath me to avoid my attention. But I am covering turf and, by doing so, helping our potential with controlling the Tower.

My shining moment starts at about 3'20", where a lucky splat leads to two more good ones, and my Seekers Rush over the top of the Skatepark's column to land on the final inkling on the Tower. Quad woomy!

We still haven't done much with the Tower, and we won't if I keep running in to splats. And when the purple team drive to a distance of 4 from the goal, I doubt we will do much with the Tower. Now it's just damage control.

I find my groove, finally, as we get control of the Tower with just seconds to go. The purple inklings fall in to my sights, I sneak in our ink as a Ninja Squid, and I clear the way ahead effectively.

The Tower is stopped from behind and we lose the battle, which happens, and it's just a shame I couldn't play like this earlier. But I got some decent splats!

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