Getting some splats in Tower Control (10-7, Carbon Roller Deco)

21st March 2017 – 7.00 am

A decent start to this battle, albeit defensive. But that's the best way a Carbon Roller Deco can start a battle. Any more aggressive and you're just asking to be the first splat. We defend our corridor, clear the Tower, and take control. Not for long, but it's something.

A bit of turf control next. I get to a good position and launch a Seeker as a squidmate super-jumps to me. A yellow inkling interrupts, splatting my squidmate, but he is a good distraction and I splat the yellow inkling back. A second splat? Ah, my Seeker found someone at the top of the column!

My Seeker Rush regains a bit of turf, as a squidmate regains control of the Tower. I apply some dive-bombing ink as support. A flurry of Specials makes it look like we'll take the lead, but it doesn't quite happen, and when our burst of ink runs out, the yellow team take the Tower back the way it came.

I waste a bit of time hoping an inkling will come my way, and although I wouldn't say my waste of time is vindicated when one turns up, followed by a super-jumper, but it was worth it for me. And a squidmate super-jumps to my good position when I leave it unwillingly.

Ninja Squid splats again! I'm just trying to cover some turf. A yellow inkling is just resting, probably looking for an opportunity. And, surprise!, I appear from below the ink. I think it was just a surprise for both of us.

Twenty seconds to go! Do we have it in ourselves to make one last push for the lead? Why, yes we do! Where was this the rest of the battle? Who cares! Woomy!

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