Splatting around the Splat Zones (19-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

2nd April 2017 – 7.00 pm

After revisiting the Splatterscope and Tri-slosher, it's taken me a few battles to remember how to best use the Carbon Roller Deco, but I think it's coming back to me. I take my time inking some turf at the start of the battle, as turf control is vital for the Carbon Roller, and help splat an inkling trying to sneak behind us, and get a lucky Seeker splat too. Nice!

The Splatterscope has seen me! I've seen him too, and duck behind some art to avoid his immediate attention as I finish my Seeker Rush. I use that ink to get close to the Splatterscope and get the splat, but am splat from behind as soon as I do. So it goes!

I falter a little trying to get to the yellow side of the museum, but my second attempt is better, and I spot an inkling dropping in to their ink. That's an easy splat. I try not to stay vulnerable there, and see a better opportunity below me. A Seeker Rush inks some turf, as does a squidmate's Inkstrike, and we're back in control.

I pause to take stock, and strike when the opportunity presents itself. Splatting the Gal from behind his Splash Wall isn't as smooth as I'd like, but I get the splat and don't succumb to the Carbon Roller Deco that drops on top of me. The sound of an Inkzooka makes me retreat, but a friendly Killer Wail lets me move forwards again.

Backwards once more, as I'm not sticking around that close to the yellow base with an Echolocator on me, but that's okay, as it finds me a couple more inklings a bit too close to each other for their own good. That's a nice triple for me.

I keep my streak going, somehow dodging Seekers and getting the jump on the Carbon Roller rolling towards me. But my focus drifts, and I don't realise that the .52 Gal is not on my team, not until he splats me, anyway. Straight back in to the action, and a double splat with brilliant echo awaits. That's a keeper.

I muck up harassing the Splatterscope, and although a friendly Killer Wail splats the Splatterscope when I find him next, at least I make it over the yellow Killer Wail, and splat its owner soon after. Back around and up to the other side, and my ink sense tingles. I find the source and splat it.

I somehow avoid another Seeker Rush and splat its owner, before throwing out a 'Nice!' for a squidmate splatting an Inkzooka. Back to the Splat Zones and the Carbon Roller goes under my Carbon Roller, before I Ninja Squid my way towards the Splatterscope.

The Carbon Roller is back, and rolling fast around the Zones. I miss him twice on his way around, and decide just to wait for his next past. I turn my attention back to the Splatterscope, but a nicely thrown Splat Bomb gets him to squid back a bit. I should let him go, but I am feeling lucky.

Okay, I'm not that lucky. But that last splat lets me check the counter, and throw out a well-earned 'Nice!' for the team, as we complete the knockout victory a second later. Woomy!

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