Turning the tables in Splat Zones (6-3, Carbon Roller Deco)

4th April 2017 – 7.00 am

Phew, what I think is a defensive start goes poorly, as a Splattershot Pro blasts me from a rising platform. It can't get much worse, right? Maybe the side route offers a better launch point for my Seekers. Nope, blocks or platforms in the way. Fair enough.

I know that ramp goes nowhere, I'm just building up charge for my Seeker Rush. And there she blows! I just need to find a good place to use it. The platform will do, where a Splash Wall presents no problem for a rush of Seekers.

I don't quite jump on to the purple side of the map at the end of the Rush, but maybe that's for the best, as the Splat Zones are entirely the wrong colour. It's nice to see another Roller with aiming difficulties too. But before I get too comfortable, I am reminded of the importance of turf control. You can't hide in the other team's ink.

I then try to work out how to cancel a Sub-weapon launch, and don't quite manage it. Maybe squidding would have done it, maybe I tried that, I dunno. I got confused and just had to release. But it looks like we have a trouble inkling outside our base. I probably shouldn't engage him, but the lure is strong.

Okay, he's not actually hiding there. And my Seeker Rush gives me the opportunity to press on, after which I spy an inkling lying in wait and get a good splat. That lets me ink the Splat Zones a bit, and my squidmates are right alongside me.

A sneaker Seeker clears the way for a purple turf incursion, keeping the Splat Zones yellow for a bit longer, and opening the possibility of turning the battle around. A short patrol, and maybe I can go around the back this time. A Seeker Rush makes that a good idea, and I somehow launch a Seeker on a massive curve to get quite the improbably splat. Nice! I still don't quite see what I did.

We turned turf control around, and our counter just keeps ticking down. Not even a mutual splat on an inkling fresh from setting a Killer Wail can dampen my spirits, as we take the lead. Our counter isn't stopped either, and I only have time for a short celebration dance when I reappear back at the base. Woomy!

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