So much splatting in Tower Control (19-7, Tri-slosher)

5th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

A bit of aggression mixed with caution at the start of this battle. It's a pretty good mix, getting me a splat and keeping me safe. If it weren't for the Splattershot Jr's Bubbler, I probably would have kept going longer. But such is the Bubbler, and I know how useful it is.

I use my own Bubbler shortly after. It is a bit shortly too, or maybe I just don't react and turn quickly enough, particularly as an Echolocator highlights the inkling I'm after effectively. A Disruptor marks inklings pretty well too, as does their jumping around.

The conveyer belts work really well to get you out of trouble. They speed up your movement, and throw you out of a one-way system. Pretty handy. That sets me on a happy streak of Echolocated targets with a Bubbler ready. So many splats so early in the battle.

I am a bit cautious when Echolocated myself, and manage to stay out of harm's way pretty well. Once the effect drops off, I'm hit with a Point Locator, and I use the conveyer belt to escape again. In the wrong direction, admittedly, but it works out for the best. And with a Bubbler ready again, I think I can ride the Tower a bit past the purple team.

Seven splats before I'm splatted. That's a good streak! As I return, I go the long way around, finding again that it often pays to approach from an unexpected direction. And sometimes you just want to get there quickly. I'd have preferred to splat that inkling whilst he was jumping, to rain ink everywhere, but we can't have everything.

My only regret about splatting the Sloshing Machine so much is their damned Haunt kit. It doesn't matter so much when my Bubbler is ready, but even that doesn't stop me being knocked off the Tower when we're just a few points from the knockout victory, and an opposition Bubbler stops us getting back on the Tower quite effectively.

The purple team get a decent push finally, but our defence holds out pretty well. I manage to hold off a Blaster that Disrupts me, and squid away from what looks like a Ninja Squid. I can't quite survive until the end of the battle, but the Tower is cleared before we hit extra time. Victory is ours, woomy!

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