Squishy revenge in Tower Control (11-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

10th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

That E-litre 3K could prove to be trouble for us in Tower Control in Museum d'Alfonsino, and for me in particular with my short-range Carbon Roller Deco. It would be nice if he didn't prove it within seconds of the battle starting, though.

In a move that suggests personal progress, I don't rush back along the same route to get embroiled in a false feud, and instead try to assess the situation a bit. Whilst spending some time sitting right in the sights of the E-litre 3K, admittedly. I realise eventually.

It seems the best I can do is launch the occasional Seeker. It's not much, but it means I don't get splatted quite so quickly. We also find out who is the more patient Carbon Roller. Back to Seekers, which gets me a splat at least, but that's just nonsense from the E-litre 3K. So it goes.

An Echolocator isn't going to make me bolder, but finally I get an intentional splat. I send the E-litre 3K packing too, for small values of 'packing', and try not to give chase. But I move to press the Tower, and kinda have some small success, I suppose.

Another route, albeit one I have to announce with a Seeker. But I get up and behind the green team, although I notice three are being sent back to base when I get close, and I don't quite react quickly enough when the first inkling comes my way. It would be the super-quick Carbon Roller too.

There's not much you can do when Echolocated in the opponents' ink, so at least I splat the Carbon Roller when I am inevitably splatted myself. And on my return, I get inky revenge on the E-litre 3K. I maybe make a mess of the Roller flick, but I persevere with the rolling, and get the Squish. How embarrassing.

The second squish doesn't quite work, but even one is a rarity. I come back to reclaim some turf, when I see the E-litre 3K being a nuisance again. This splat is more straightforward, and I suppose he mistimed his appearance. Of course, I fall foul to the Carbon Roller, but that's okay.

We finally get some good time on the Tower. It's a bit late, but with some continued inky pressure and a few decent splats, it gives us hope for snatching the battle in extra time. And the target we need to reach isn't quite so far as I thought!

Not only did I think I was definitely splatted a couple of times, but when the battle ends I think the other team have regained control of the Tower. But, no, we've taken the lead! Great job, everyone!

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