Finally returning to A+ in Splat Zones (8-1, Tri-slosher)

20th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

When I was trying to get back from A to S Rank, I had a pitiful time. I played for ages and managed to do nothing but tread water. When I decided not to care what rank I was and just play to my ability, a few battles at a time, I hit a winning streak.

There are probably more factors at play than just my attitude towards the battles, and maybe day of the week and battle mode affect who is playing. Still, it's nice to be feeling competent again. I don't even pause when cornered to wonder if I've been splatted, I just hope I haven't and battle on.

My fake-out doesn't quite go as planned when I press forwards, although at least I get a mutual splat out of it. A surprising angle probably helps me less than I give it credit for the next splat, and it's more likely the inkling wanting to make best use of the Suction Bomb Rush that catches her out.

I hear the Inkzooka and retreat, pushing forwards again when it sounds safe. But I have to circle back when there are no inklings to splat and Splat Zones to ink. I am forced past the Splat Zones by ink from behind, which is fine by me, as I can return with a Bubbler active. I don't get the splat, being pushed back by ink, but the Splat Zone is neutralised, and squidding up the same wall as before gets me the advantage I need instead.

The Splat Zones are recaptured, and with some spare time I cover as much blue ink with yellow as I can. With the paths for the blue inklings diminished, I go looking for the inklings themselves, finding one and getting lucky by dropping down almost out of view. But how quickly turf can change colour!

I don't manage to catch the Inkzooka in action, and decide against chasing them back up the central column, instead wanting to be less predictable. Heading around the back seems to be unexpected, and gets me a couple of splats, the second a bit lucky and having my popping my Bubbler just in case.

From there, it's just patrolling for me. The pressure on the Splat Zones seems to be minimal, and the blue inklings are not coming close or kept at bay by my squidmates. In the end, a straightforward battle to get me back in to A+.

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