Basic Splat Zones (4-0, Carbon Roller Deco)

21st April 2017 – 7.00 am

I want to like Saltspray Rig, and think it a good map. I've had some fun battles in Turf War here, and it's the only map that isn't rotationally symmetrical. But it has a bad reputation in all Ranked modes, so much that only Splat Zones are played here any more. Even then, the battles tend to be entirely one-side.

One Splat Zones battle on the Rig this evening was contested, and we came back from being shut-out to shutting-out the other team, but just as we did this there was a disconnection, followed by another within a minute. Maybe it was a good battle and those disconnections were coincidental, but it's tough to shake the idea that we wouldn't have been overrun again.

Most Saltspray Rig Splat Zone battles go much like this one instead. We get the initial upper hand, plant ourselves at the back of the map, and prevent all access to the Splat Zones. If only there were a way around the back, or a less obvious way around the front.

Still, not everyone goes to the back. I stay at the front, where my Seekers and surprise splats would probably do most good. I keep a cautious eye on the lower ground too, just in case an inkling tries to flank us. More surprising than the easy victory is that no inklings try to come the long way around the front.

I suppose it can feel too much of a long route when the timer is counting down, but there doesn't seem much point continually throwing yourself at inklings that know you're coming. Anyway, the victory goes our way this time.

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