First Tower Control battle back in S Rank goes okay (12-8, Tri-slosher)

23rd April 2017 – 7.00 am

Last time I was in S Rank I held my own for a fairly extended session. I would like to think I can enjoy my time here again, but as it's been a struggle getting back out of the A Ranks I am a little apprehensive about what the experience will be like. My first Tower Control battle back in S Rank goes okay.

The start goes much better than okay, in fact. I charge to the centre, like an idiot, but have the good sense and awareness to take the conveyer belt out of there. That lets me slosh ink down on an inkling I can't see, and drop down and swing around to catch the Roller from the side. Now I can get on the Tower with a squidmate to take an early lead.

I hop off when under inky pressure, as does my squidmate, and get a splat before popping my Bubbler to avoid being splat by the reappeared Roller. I throw a Disruptor, that I think misses, and squid around to make the most of my Bubbler, before heading back towards the Tower, now under yellow control.

My 4-0 start becomes 6-1 pretty quickly, and I am thinking S Rank is in my skill range again. Maybe that makes me a bit cocky. I charge back in to action, and get stuck on a corner as a Splat Bomb appears nearby. Undeterred by this simply bad luck, I come storming back, bagging a few splats from some good manoeuvring, until another Tri-slosher stops me on the Tower.

From our base, the battle over the turf appears to be going the way of the yellow team, and as I move out we lose the lead too. I go to help recover and return the Tower, which we do, but stumble in to a Seeker. So it goes. The Tower keeps moving, at least for a bit. I come back to help recover it again, but need a bit of a breather from the Tri-slosher's ink again.

The dance with the Luna Blaster was half his good moves, half my terrible reactions, and the added pressure of a Roller joining in was too much for me. At least I don't dash out in to a Splat Bomb, and the pause lets me dodge the Killer Wail too.

I go back to take the alternative route to take care of an intruder deep in our territory, but they're an irritating jumper, and not even sloshing can help me. And now everything is looking very yellow. I think we've pretty much lost by this point, but we must keep fighting. My movements are dictated by incoming Splat Bombs, and that puts me in the path of the irritating Luna Blaster.

Thankfully, my Bubbler has charged and I pop it to keep me safe, but I can't find that damned blaster. The Tri-slosher Nouveau drops in to my path for a splat, which is good, a squidmate splats the Dynamo Roller, also good, but the Luna Blaster becomes a Kraken, which isn't good. What is good is squidding right past them. And around the corner to be blasted normally again. Oh well.

It's just damage control at this late stage of the battle, which apparently means getting more irritated by the Luna Blaster, and then accepting the loss and holding back for the last two seconds, instead of getting splatted again. But it was an okay battle overall.

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