Ninja Squidding around the Splat Zones (12-3, Carbon Roller Deco)

29th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

I've had a string of battles where we've been overrun, and I'm feeling a bit tense. The early splat after an unstable connection warning is not helping. But I keep a stiff upper lip and battle on, for the team.

I shift to a defensive role immediately, and see that we have a visitor behind our Splat Zone. I go the safe way from our base in that direction, but a squidmate has taken care of the menace already. Nice! I feel the ink pressure of Seekers again, and the pressure of latency shortly afterwards, but nothing that isn't manageable.

A Seeker Rush eliminates the ink requirement for a while, and I get to cover the other Splat Zone fairly well, pushing past to try to keep myself safe, but no one's looking for me yet. Ah, here they come. It's a Carbon Roller first, and the Seeker is maybe not the best idea. A bit of squidding around and a touch of luck helps.

My Seeker Rush is ready again. Excellent. It's a great distraction and inks plenty of turf for me to stealthily move around in. Inking the conveyer belt and jumping over the top is audacious for the short-ranged Carbon Roller, but I splat my opposite number again. That is quite satisfying, even if I have to bug out quickly.

I add a little soup├žon to a Suction Bomb Rush, inking the purple patch behind my Rushing squidmate so that he doesn't have to worry about it, and move back to our Splat Zone. Which is doing just fine. The other's turned purple again, so it's back with a fresh Seeker Rush, following behind to get a lucky splat on the Carbon Roller, who flicks just as I squid. I'm sure my Ninja Squidding helps get the Gal afterwards too.

I'm doing quite well, and so is the team. We've taken the lead! I've also survived quite a long time, and so am feeling quite positive. I head backwards to tidy up some purple ink and make as much as I can nice and yellow before going back to the fray, aiming for a Bubblered inkling, such is my inflated confidence. I get the splat too, with a splatted squidmate happy about that. I don't even mind trading with the Carbon Roller afterwards.

I avoid the Tri-slosher high above me like the plague, and try a bit of jinking here and there to ink some turf but stay safe. Both strategies seem to work, particularly avoiding the Tr-slosher. Tricky buggers, they are. I use another Seeker Rush to get close to, and behind a pressuring inkling, which puts me in the sights of an Inkzooka. Or the Inkzooka in my sights. It's hard to tell which for quite a while.

Trying to stay safe has my going up the conveyer belt, where launching a Seeker across the purple Splat Zone seems like a good idea, and so does following it. It's an obvious path, but perhaps the safest in the circumstances. It also lets me watch the splat on the Inkstriker. Nice! An attempt to in the Splat Zone has purple ink approaching, so I take evasive action, turning only to try to splat the Carbon Roller. This time, I lose.

With seconds to go, we should have this battle in the bag. But you can't assume anything, and I scout to see where my ink can be best used. Keeping the purple Splat Zone yellow seems like the best idea, and with one last splat of the Carbon Roller my Seeker Rush charges, and that helps my squidmates keep hold of the Splat Zone for the victory. Woomy!

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