Finding the splats in Splat Zones (12-3, Tri-slosher)

30th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

Back down to A-, after some battles with unstable connections, a couple of disconnects for the full ten-point loss, and just being a bit bad in general. So it goes.

I've had the Splatterscope practice, now time to aim for some splatty action. I like the optimism of the inkling trying to shoot up as a Tri-slosher sloshes down at her, if only because it gives me an easy splat. I also like that I haven't just rushed straight in to the Splat Zones, so that I am not the one getting caught too easily at the start of the battle.

All looks clear to move down and push beyond the Splat Zones, which is just code for things about to get messy again. I don't quite follow the squid trail in the Seeker trail, and can't turn quickly enough to avoid getting splatted, but at least I make the splat mutual.

There's some tidying up to do outside our base, but I don't want to be suckered in to an easy splat from a hiding squid, so chuck a Disruptor just in case there's someone there, and move around the side instead. It's not a bad move, and waiting for an inkling to drop down to me isn't a bad move. Popping my Bubbler to stay unsplatted as two inklings get the drop on me instead isn't a bad move. Hanging around until I am caught in an inky crossfire could have been handled better, though.

I do a bit of tidying up around the base before heading up and around to flank the purple team. Sure, I catch an Inkstrike in progress, but I really should have seen that purple inkling encroaching in to the Splat Zones and turned around. As it is, he stops our counter and captures the Splat Zones for his team, and instead of us winning within a few seconds, we are given a much bigger sub-counter to overcome first. Balls. Play the objective, kids!

I come back to play the objective, and use a height advantage to reconnoitre a little and slosh a little. I spy a good opportunity and press ahead, finding the good opportunity turning in to an excellent opportunity to get a quad-splat! Two splats become four, as one inkling super-jumps in and another follows a Seeker in to my Bubbler in a weird attempt to help his squidmates. Just throw yourselves at my bucket, squids!

With no purple team around, we recapture the Splat Zones and all the turf around them. I would say the battle's looking good again, but I am once again having a bit of a runaround at the side as the purple team take control. At least I show some good sense in maintaining good range and awareness, bagging me a couple of splats and letting me stay around the Splat Zones to add some more ink.

I take another whizz around the back, happy to know my Bubbler is ready, before returning to take care of the Splat Zones in good time. My squidmates are doing the same, and although some purple ink gets in the way a bit, it's not too much ink or there for long enough to stop us getting the knockout victory. A little too late, perhaps, but the knockout all the same. It's more of a shame that I miss two splats as the battle ends.

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