Not quite controlling the Splat Zones (6-2, Kelp Splatterscope)

30th April 2017 – 7.00 am

Chargers almost demand regular use to stay skilled, so I pull out the Splatterscope again with the hopes of not becoming completely useless with it. Mission successful, I suppose, as I'm not completely useless! Check out that glorious straight line shot out of the base! My Sprinkler throwing could be improved, but I suppose hanging on the sign makes it more awkward for the purple team to remove.

I don't splat the Grim Range Blaster, but I was unsighted when I was charging, and I'm really not that good yet. It's a shame it is a Range Blaster too, as the blast catches me full in the face. At least I'm not there for the Killer Wail. But I really do need Sprinkler-throwing practice.

At least you really can't miss with a Killer Wail, and I even somehow manage to get a splat around the Splat Zone. Another inkling appears under my ink, which for some reason I'm not covering the Splat Zone with, and when I try to guess his movement I end up hitting a different inkling. Nice!

Now the Splat Zones get covered, and a little beyond. I back away from the Range Blaster too, which seems sensible, sending a Sprinkler his way to distract him. I think I miss with the Killer Wail, so much for my earlier theory, but I blame yet another connection issue. Even so, an inkling on the other side still wanders in to the Wail, so I'm okay with it skirting the top of the Splat Zones.

The Splat Zones go purple, and two of us are distracted by an oncoming inkling. By the time my squidmate has splatted him, we have lost the lead. I plan to get more ink over the Splat Zones, but I really need more practice throwing Sprinklers dammit. At least two Killer Wails in a row keep the purple inklings away, and we regain control. And finally a Sprinkler lands somewhere useful!

The purple team don't take our control sitting down, and push back against the green ink, pretty well too. A Killer Wail isn't effective this time, and I'm back to my Sprinkler throwing ways, and the purple inklings get a Kraken over our side of the map. This battle is taking a bad turn.

Moving to a new position may help. It gives me better visibility, at least, and better opportunities for inking the Splat Zones and getting splats with my Killer Wails. It all goes rather swimmingly, from my point-of-view. Inking, Killer Wails, the occasional splat. And not only do I avoid the Range Blaster again, but when he sets a Killer Wail up to flush me out, I splat him standing behind it before dodging the Wail. Nice!

But despite my improved position, and ability to hold it, we don't manage to keep control of the Splat Zones for quite long enough. Just one point separates the two teams at the end of the battle. Good game, purple team.

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