Pushing forwards in Tower Control (12-5, Tri-slosher)

8th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

An aim to head right around the back of the green team doesn't quite go according to plan, but what did I really expect? I may have started out along an unorthodox route, but it was one that takes me to the standard initial rush for the team. I was heading in to trouble, silly me.

Going the longer way doesn't have a better result, mostly caused by appearing just as inklings pop up from their base behind me. Maybe I'll start getting some splats soon, if I'm a bit less stupid. I get one, but it's far from clean, and I'm inky enough that not much is needed to splat me again.

I need to get my act together. I get some height, take a breath, and look to be more sensible. I slosh downwards to get one good splat, drop down to clear the Tower, somehow dodging a Seeker, and move around to help prevent my squidmates getting flanked. Three good splats in a row is a good turnaround already.

Supporting the Tower gets us the lead, and bags me two more splats, before trying to keep the push going makes me too much of a target. I suppose there had to be a reason why my squidmate abandoned Tower. But with the Tower where it is, the side route I first used looks more attractive. I get back to the Tower, but it seems my ink could be better used elsewhere, as I spy two green inklings trying to get behind us to gain an advantage.

A squidmate and I splat one inkling before he gets too far, but the other is behind our lines, and now high above me, raining down ink. I retreat for safety, and not minding too much, given that we are in control of the Tower and moving this way anyway. I return the gesture of inking the other side of the map, also getting some height to make it harder to see and hit me.

I attract some attention which gets me some splats, and these two circumstances let the Tower trundle further forwards to give us a good lead indeed. I push forwards to support it more directly, diverting some ink on to myself, but not quite helping us get the knockout victory.

We can probably defend successfully now, but that's kinda boring, and a good attack is a good defence anyway. The benefit of having a big lead is that we can be more cautious when pushing, being happy to drop back again when under threat. Even so, we get quite close to the goal again, which may be because we choose when to push instead of forcing it.

I get a bit close to taking a dip when I try to jump on to the Tower with my Bubbler active, but either pull it back to the ledge in time, or get knocked there by green ink. Both work for me. And as time runs out, all we need to do is clear the Tower and retake control for the victory, which we easily manage before the Tower gets close to its central position.

I managed to turn a poor start around to help support a good team, and we take a convincing victory. Woomy!

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