Suspiciously smooth ride in Tower Control (6-1, Tri-slosher)

9th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

More sloshing in Museum d'Alfonsino, and I don't get splatted in the first thirty seconds! I must be applying my learning, at least occasionally. I hold back, ink turf, throw Disruptors, and when I move forwards it's to support the Tower and get a couple of splats. Not too shabby.

The orange team take control of the Tower, but they don't get too far. I even sensibly slosh against a Bubbler. I know I can't splat her just yet, but my ink prevents her coming up to my level, and by the time she can her Bubbler is gone and I get the splat.

Covering over an Inkstrike has my ink hitting something, but rather than stay to find out what I move around. I find out soon enough, an inkling trying to push in to our territory, but he'll get no further. My Bubbler is charged and I'm happy to use it.

The Tower's moving forwards again, so I move up to it and beyond. It sounds like my squidmates have the same idea, the Tower pausing, but one has the sense to get back on and keep it moving. I get on to the rotating platform and gain some height. But it all seems a bit too quiet.

I spy one inkling preparing to assault the Tower, and get a decent Disruptor throw up on to them, but otherwise not much is happening. One inkling looks to be daydreaming, and I callously move up to splat him, but where is everyone else?

Reviewing the footage, all the orange team are still in the battle, and there is a small flurry of activity as we move the last few metres on to the goal, but that was quite a lull in the battle.

Looking at the map from Judd's point-of-view, maybe a couple of them were trying to flank our team, not quite aware that we were all much closer to their base than they were getting to ours. Still, it's good to be on the other side of that lack of awareness occasionally. Woomy!

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