Tough battle in the Splat Zones (10-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

21st May 2017 – 7.00 pm

I can tell this battle is going to be tough from the team compositions. Two chargers, a bucket, and a roller for us, three shooters and a charger for them. It's going to be rough for us. Still, it's a fairly standard start, as I help ink our Splat Zone and double-back, to make a nice big puddle for me and my Carbon Roller Deco. I move up when I think I can flank an opponent, but apparently not, and just barely out-run their charger's range. I'm not so lucky against the next ink that chases me.

Already there is far too much teal ink covering our side of the map! I try to ink over it with orange, but I can only do so much, and I think it's probably better if I can splat an inkling teasingly below me. But he gets clear quickly, and I get hit with an Echolocator. I'm lucky to get one splat before I'm splatted myself.

We have a serial Suction Bomber hitting us now. I make a sensible choice of heading around the side to approach the Splat Zones hopefully with no one behind me, and only one direction of pressure. I manage to charge my Seeker Rush as I get there, and helps with inking and to add some pressure of my own. Unfortunately, another Echolocator lands just as I push up, and there's not much I can do about that.

My reaction to the Killer Wail is a bit slow, but just about quick enough, as I look to spread some orange on the other Splat Zone. If we stand a chance in this battle, we have to spread the teal team's attention between the Splat Zones. If they only need to look at one, they will win. Before I can do too much, I'm hit with a Point Sensor, so I sensibly retreat to safety. At least I can ink our Splat Zone a bit.

As I come back forwards, a splat looks to be available, but my flick isn't strong enough and I have to run away to safety again. I get my Seeker Rush charged, though, and that once more lets the ink flow freely, and this time happens at the same time as an opportunity opens up for us to push forwards. We do so eagerly!

Finally we get to contest the other Splat Zone! It's not straightforward, but now it feels like we are in a battle. I try to jump over the conveyer belt a couple of times to catch an inkling out, each time not finding one, but able to get clear. I roll around after the second attempt, getting close to squishing the Splatterscope, but she out-manoeuvres me. Luckily, when a Kraken appears, I out-manoeuvre it, getting behind the two inklings and even managing to splat them both. Nice!

I am out-done by a Suction Bomb before my Seeker Rush can do much inky damage, but I come back feeling positive. I see a teal inkling looking to sneak up the inkable block, and am there with a timely flick of my Roller to stop them. I look to get back in to the Splat Zone, but it doesn't seem easy. Quite how I sneak under the Inkzooka is unknown, but I'm happy to do it, even if it surrounds me with teal ink as a result.

Back to the long way around, and the Sploosh is being a pest. He does the annoying jumpy thing to make himself more of a nuisance, and I have to settle with trading splats. My return is better, dropping on to an inkling getting too close, and getting lucky with the next inkling running right in to my path. My Seeker Rush neutralises their Splat Zone, but doesn't quite capture it, and I get torn between which inkling to splat, which gets me splatted.

I get one more splat, which a squidmate is happy about, before running in to the annoying Sploosh again. By the time I'm back and ready to battle, there's only time to do a little consolation jig, with us not having got a single point on the scoreboard.

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