Bubbler vs Kraken in Splat Zones (10-5, Tri-slosher)

23rd May 2017 – 7.00 am

Despite my haste, I don't make the jump to the rotating platform to get to the other side of the map, but perhaps that's for the best. I stay unsplatted, ink the Splat Zones, and splat a purple inkling. I even dodge a Kraken, which is a bonus.

Okay, I can't make that jump to the rotating arms. Good to know. It was a bit ambitious, I suppose. But hanging back lets me pick my time to strike, pouncing on one inkling that leads me to a second, where my charged Bubbler comes in handy. I retreat from purple pressure, despite some Bubbler remaining, which shows a bit of sense.

Keeping the Splat Zones teal finds another inkling, but this one turns in to a Kraken. I manage to dodge again, this way and that, despite hitting a puddle, and turn around to catch the Kraken back in inkling form. I don't even mind that I'm splatted from behind immediately afterwards, except that the Splat Zones are no longer under our control.

A second attempt to cross the map requires a pause, but I get there. I don't get any splats, but I apply a bit of pressure and a distraction, which counts for something. I shouldn't cross over the purple Splat Zones, really, and I can only think I wasn't paying attention. I don't even do much on the other side of the map, so it's good my squidmates are playing the objective. I can do better.

The purple team look to cross the divide too. I'm suspicious that two sloshes don't splat one inkling, but happy to get a good Disruptor throw to slow down another, and a good slosh after that to push back the Kraken she becomes off the ledge. On the last slosh in my tank too.

There goes the lead. That focusses the team, and we all gather to make the Splat Zones teal again, which is done quickly. Getting the lead back won't be as quick, if we manage it. I apparently decide it's best for me to head off and ignore the Splat Zones, and ignore the message that the purple team have them again, but I'm sure I'm contributing in my way up on the ledge.

Thankfully, I fall off the ledge, letting me share my ink with the Splat Zones and Bubbler with my squidmates, although it seems less necessary than it first looks. A bit more skirmishing doesn't really go my way, not quite catching an Inkstrike in progress, but we take back the lead, and I use the rotating arm that gets in my way to my advantage.

The Splat Zones turn purple again, and the Aerospray PG turns in to a Kraken. Maybe my Special Duration Up hat will help me, and I think it does, as it's not the Kraken that splats me. Maybe that was time to run too, as the Splat Zones are quite purple, and we lose the lead with under thirty seconds to go.

Concerned that there's a purple inkling behind us, I circle around, wasting a bit of time getting to the Splat Zones. But I get there, and have a Bubbler charged, but not even a couple of clutch splats whilst Bubblered can force the battle in to extra time, and it's another loss.

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