Blasts all around in Tower Control (12-8, Blaster)

26th May 2017 – 7.00 am

I try not to rush forwards in to trouble, and take a measured approach to riding the Tower. Naturally, as soon as I get on, when it looks clear, I am under inky pressure and hop off again. As my Disruptor throw goes nowhere, I get myself somewhere, and decide to try to cause disruption from behind. I get one decent splat, and another that is pure luck. Nice!

A squidmate saves me from a Luna Blaster, and I aim a Killer Wail nicely, as the Tower trundles forwards with purple inklings aboard. I can't quite stop myself in time as a Splat Bomb rolls in front of me, and am sent back to our base. I return by the side route and look to cause disruption with Disruptors. I don't really find any inklings, and decide to help a squidmate in trouble instead.

I get lucky again with the splat, and probably should have thrown a Disruptor first. But luck is with me at the moment, as I set a Killer Wail when I shouldn't, which, combined with my Blaster, forces an inkling to hide from me. Although I really should stick with blasting, using the weapon's ability to damage around corners, I drop down instead, but come up roses again. I won't always be this lucky, though.

After a short ride on the Tower, I return with some good Disruptor throwing to push a pest away from us, but his work is done, as the Tower trundles around the corner and in to the lead for the teal team. Despite some blaster pressure, I get one inkling off the Tower. The other turns in to a Kraken and is harder to dislodge, but the team manages it. A super-jumper lands to keep it moving, and although inking the back of my head doesn't stop it, we clear the tower eventually and start its return to the centre.

The Tower comes back soon enough, and now we have teal ink everywhere in front of our base. That could be hiding inklings, and probably is, so some caution is recommended. A Disruptor finds one inkling, who is slowed enough for me to splat them, and a teal patch on the Tower is the obvious place for another inkling. I help clear the Tower and start pushing it back again.

I try to pick the right time for my Killer Wail, and I hope it works. The Tower keeps moving forwards, at least. And an Echolocator helps me get up to the teal side of the map knowing it's safe so I can spread some purple ink. I make good use of a Disruptor to slow down a threat, but a late shot catches up with me just after I get the splat. The Tower moves a little bit longer, but is soon stopped and reversed.

I'm clearly not as good with a blaster as the Luna Blaster is, but that's okay. I keep practicing. And it's a curious stalemate I get in to with a Kraken on the Tower. There's not much I can do with only a few seconds remaining in the battle but try to blast her off the Tower. Naturally, it doesn't quite go as I hope.

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