End-to-end battling in Tower Control (15-9, Blaster)

26th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

Yeah, I'm still not great with a Blaster. Two indirect hits don't splat a Luna Blaster, who punishes me with a direct hit. And already we have an infiltrator, inking the turf purple as close to our base as he dares. I help try shoo him away, using Disruptors to try to mark him, but he does as his job, as the Tower trundles around the corner. It's a big lead for the purple team already.

My aim lets me down again, even with a huge inkling head in front of me. Maybe one day I'll be good at battling, but I remain average for now. I can still make a positive contribution, starting by getting rid of the purple ink around our base. When that's done, I move up, pausing to see where a friendly Killer Wail will push the purple inklings. As I suspected, one comes straight to me.

A direct hit with an obscured shot is lucky and welcome, and helps support the Tower's push, backed up by another lucky direct hit to clear the reclaimed Tower and reclaim it for ourselves, to keep the push going. Nice! A Disruptor slows down the Luna Blaster, enough for me to get two indirect hits, and a Killer Wail clears the way as my squidmates return to the fray.

I misjudge my position on the Tower slightly, but I don't mind, as it's just before we take the lead. And by the time I return, the lead has been greatly advanced. Nice! I am forced away from the returning Tower, though, but going around the back doesn't look safe with two purple inklings about to hit the base. I still get a couple of splats before I get in to too much trouble.

Once more the Tower comes our way, and the Luna Blaster makes a pain of herself. I take a different route, and try a sacrificial play. It would have worked with a more accurate shot, I'm sure. Instead, I take myself out of the battle pointlessly. The purple team take the lead back and almost control the whole map. I feel somewhat to blame. But at least my squidmates stop the Tower, which is encouraging.

Another dive works much better, jumping the super-jumper, and I help clear the Tower with a couple more shots than are necessary. But the Tower comes back, and although I clear it again, the sweepers behind it clear me out pretty efficiently. Our Dynamo Roller saves me from the Luna Blaster, and I splat a super-jumper under our Splat Roller, but a quick-launch Seeker seeks me quickly.

I have no idea how the next Seeker misses me, but I'm okay with it. And now we have to clear the Tower before the battle ends, and ride it almost all the way to the goal in extra time. It's quite an ask, and we barely get past half-way before we're all splatted off the Tower. Even so, it was an action-packed battle!

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