Holding back and splatting in Tower Control (8-4, Hero Charger Replica)

27th May 2017 – 7.00 am

I hold back at our rotating platform at the start of this Tower Control battle, to support my squidmates from a position of relative safety. I lack a touch of aim and a little bit of range to do much but keep turf inked, but I dodge an Inkstrike and destroy a Sprinkler. I think a bit of height might help, but not when I'm now being actively targeted.

I drop down and manage to splat a charger aiming for me, and let loose a Splat Bomb Rush to deter a Dual Squelcher who comes around the corner. He just disappears to target me with a Killer Wail. I feel a need to retreat, and do what I can from a bit further back. Being so pressed back, the Tower is free for the teal team to push a bit. We still have the lead, though, which my squidmates skilfully got whilst I was on my initial perch. Nice!

The pest is pushed back, the Tower reclaimed, and as my squidmates make a fresh push I follow behind. I get a splat to take a bit of pressure of the Tower, and try to use a fresh Splat Bomb Rush to clear the Tower when the teal team reclaim it, but step a bit too close to an Inkstrike.

I try a different perch on my return, but I am spotted and repelled, a couple of rolled Splat Bombs not quite being timed well enough. Back to our main area, particularly with the teal team pushing the Tower, and I somehow get a really nice splat on an inkling who had just launched in Inkstrike. I ink some turf after that, but maybe I should be focussing on the Tower.

We try to clear the inklings off the Tower as it comes towards us, and although we get the splats, there is enough presence on the Tower to push it past our lead. Once there are no more super-jumpers, I squid on to the Tower, as does a squidmate, and we start moving the Tower in the right direction. I leap off to provide support from range, but end up moving backwards a bit.

There are tussles over the Tower, and I get a bit too close to be effective, and my aim with Splat Bombs is a little rusty to rely on. I get splatted back to base with under twenty seconds to go and the teal team advancing their lead. I try to help clear the Tower, knowing that an extra-time push would be unlikely, but we get overwhelmed in the last few seconds.

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