Mostly cautious sloshing in Tower Control (11-4, Tri-slosher)

27th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

I don't want to press too hard in this battle, as recent battles have just seen me get splatted quickly when it could have been avoided. Hanging back and using my weapons sensibly works quite well to start with, even if it doesn't make us any positive progress with the Tower. I move forwards only when my Bubbler is ready, which keeps me safe, and bug out when it runs out.

I continue with the push as squidmates are riding the Tower, but get rather embroiled in at least one Bomb Rush, and this time I don't have a Bubbler to save me. My Disruptor throwing still needs a bit of work, but I think I'm getting the hang of being egregiously splatted by .96 Gals. My Disruptor throws get better on my return, including one on the .96 Gal, which slows him down enough for me to be confident in pouncing.

I ink some turf as the Tower returns to its central point, and splat the Gal again, thanks to both my bucket and Bubbler. As I drop down to help support my squidmates, I am almost shepherded around the back, which isn't exactly being cautious, but I can roll with it. Doing so splats me the Gal again, which is fun, so I think about going around for another go.

Not around the back this time, but a more direct route, to support the Tower as it trundles forwards. I don't stop the purple team clearing the Tower, but I get a couple of splats to help us make another push. This time I return around the back, but it seems a bit dangerous and pointless when the purple team recover the Tower, so head back to the centre of the office.

My Bubbler's ready again! That emboldens my spirit, and once again I thrust myself forwards in to trouble, getting a splat out of it and keeping another inkling at bay. We still aren't consistently managing to push the Tower forwards, but we are kinda stopping it from retreating too far. I try to be cautious as I head around the side again, and make my move when an Echolocator shows me where the purple team is. But my maths isn't great, and I should have realised one inkling wasn't highlighted.

We make one more attempt to get the lead as the seconds tick down, but again we don't get too far. We get one last attempt, as the battle enters extra time, so I ignore the risk of super-jumping on to the Tower and jump ahead to help keep the push going. It doesn't last long.

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