Fierce fight over the Splat Zones (10-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

2nd June 2017 – 7.00 am

That's a good dive away from a chasing Burst Bomb, even if I end up rolling in to a block. The battle over our Splat Zone begins, the other team getting in to a stronger position early. I loiter near the ramp, hoping to splat an inkling and take the pressure off, but even a couple of indirect hits do nothing. I back off, and return to try to apply some pressure, but only succeed in avoiding a Kraken and Burst Bomb before running out of luck.

Our Splat Zone is lost. I try to head around to the other Splat Zone, to take the pressure off ours by either stopping the counter or drawing some teal inklings my way. I think I manage to do both, and keep the purple ink flowing across a cycle of both Splat Zones. Not that we capture both at any time. But a bit more fighting and the Splat Zones are ours. I don't even mind that I am pushed far out of the arena, and draw more inklings towards me, as during that time our score keeps ticking down.

One Splat Zone is neutralised, and I do my best to keep turf inked whilst keeping myself unsplatted, popping up at a good moment for a splat. I hear the Carbon Roller flick and pause to find out where he is, which happens just as my Seeker Rush charges. I start launching the Rush as I am simultaneously Burst Bombed and Disrupted, thankfully blocked by an Inkstrike as it happens, but I am in a good position to back off as the Rush finishes. I get a double-splat with my back turned too. Nice!

I go back to tending the Splat Zones and roaming for inklings, helping a squidmate with one but not being quick enough when the Carbon Roller finds me. That's okay, as he rolls my way almost as soon as I return, and my ninja squid gear keeps me unseen for a satisfying splat. I don't do well sneaking up on the next inkling, though, but my squidmate gets immediate revenge.

Trying to get the drop on an Inkzooka is rarely a good idea, but with time ticking down and the Splat Zones shared, it seems necessary. I don't quite manage to get the splat, the Splat Zones stay split, and the battle ends with the teams one point apart. Good battling, teal team.

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