Can't stop me sloshing in Splat Zones (16-9, Tri-slosher)

4th June 2017 – 7.00 am

It's just me in our Splat Zones, conscientiously capturing it. That's got to be a first. I even get a splat before I'm splatted. Not by much, but it's something. A good Disruptor throw hits something on my return, and upwards sloshing destroys a Sprinkler and catches a jumping inkling. So far so good!

Squidding up the block seems a sensible way to avoid the Carbon Roller, and it works too. If only he didn't have backup. A bit of caution seems sensible in the face of activity, but I know I can push forwards when I see the tell-tale Inkstrike missile poke up. I nearly miss the splat, but am not out-manoeuvred this time. I push past the Splat Zone and catch two more inklings with my sloshing. Nice!

Circling back, all the inklings are already coming back. It seems that Quick Respawn is in vogue, which is pointed out to me after the battle. That just lets me get a quad-splat on the back of the triple, and a bit more sloshing captures the Splat Zones for us, but the Quick Respawn lets the green team regroup very quickly, and the Zone is lost before much damage is done.

I try to keep our Splat Zone purple and free of green inklings, and when forced to flee by a Kraken do the same with the green Splat Zone. But the green inklings recover so quickly, and so much green ink fills the landscape. I barely have time to admire splatting the Inkzooka from behind before everything seems to be reset to green.

It's just inky mayhem. There seems to be twice as many green inklings as purple, and more green ink coming out of their guns than we can muster in the same time. If one green inkling is splatted, another splats you back. If we recover our Splat Zone, it is half-green before we blink.

I get a good number of splats by the end of the battle, and I think I did well in trying to keep the Splat Zones purple, but it just couldn't be enough.

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