Trying the Grim Range Blaster in Splat Zones (10-5, Grim Range Blaster)

8th June 2017 – 7.00 am

I've used the Grim Range Blaster before, admittedly, but that was before I had practiced much with the Blaster itself. Now with that practice under my belt, I think I could get some use out of the extra range, and I definitely would like to learn how to use Burst Bombs.

I use the Grim's range to ink the Splat Zones from above, before dropping in to the danger area itself. I seem a bit cautious, but it's a weapon I'm not familiar with yet, and I also want to use its range to my benefit. A lucky splat certainly is to my benefit, but being squeezed in to a corner as an Inkstrike hits isn't.

I think I can splat the Splatterscope from the ledge, with a nicely thrown Burst Bomb and a follow-up Blaster shot. Maybe I can, but not this time. I return along the other direction, and look for opportunity. I see it in the opposite corner, catching the Splatterscope off-guard, but before I can get to the Inkzooka another inkling passes in front of me. I catch them just enough to get another splat.

My first Killer Wail catches one inkling, but placing it gets me caught out too. I'm okay with that trade, particularly as a squidmate avenges me moments later. Another sortie down the side doesn't quite catch anyone, but so it goes. I remember my Burst Bombs as I come back, both for inking turf and to hit inklings. I don't quite get the Burst-blast splat, but a direct hit is satisfying. I'm sure it is for the Splatterscope too.

I so nearly get a decent double splat on two inklings on a perch, as my platform takes me higher, but they both get out of the way. My Killer Wail doesn't catch the Splatterscope either, but I both get away from trouble and spot the patch of purple ink another inkling is hiding in. When I finally make it up to the other side of the studio, I don't quite get the splat on the Splatterscope, but I contribute.

As we control the Splat Zones, I am comfortable watching and waiting. My patience pays off, as does watching my range, and chasing the Splatterscope around the corner, who my squidmate splats, gives me an opportunity on the way back again. The Killer Wail is cheesy and a bit unfair, so I turn away to stop hassling the purple team directly, but it's a bit late.

The Splat Zones aren't contested again, and our counter simply ticks down to completion. Sorry about the Killer Wail, purple team.

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