More luck than judgment in Splat Zones (11-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

23rd June 2017 – 7.00 am

A Seeker or two to start the battle and get the ink flowing works well. Trying to squid up the rotating central plinth goes less well, and is a bit embarrassing. I don't really know how I'm not splatted off it either, but it's good that I both survive and give up, as that opens up opportunities for a couple of splats, and from there we capture the Splat Zones.

I manage to get on to the rotating plinth and, with a squidmate, head across to the orange side. We take the lead as the orange team regroup, and I, well, don't do much. I don't think there's much to do, but there probably is. An Echolocator on the orange team shows me inklings coming my way, so I spring in to action and manage to miss a splat and drop down from my vantage point as my target transforms in to a Kraken. Ah well.

The shadow I flick at is a squidmate, but I can pretend I was inking turf. I move back to the plinth to cross to the orange side again, but hide from an Inkzooka and Killer Wail, and then a second Killer Wail. It's like they don't want me over there. And with the Splat Zones now orange, I think my Seeker Rush would be appropriate.

The Rush probably does something, I can't tell from the bottom of the ramp, but I still want to get across to the other side. Some ink gets shot my way, which I absorb, but that makes the Sprinkler on the plinth a bit dangerous. The inklings up there are more dangerous, and it's good that I accidentally bump in to one. The flick knocks me back off the plinth, saving me from the Dual Squelcher and putting me in a position to splat him too.

I'm feeling my luck must come to an end soon. I push the point by running in to the Dual Squelcher, but I suppose it's difficult to back out of their range. The orange ink around our base is a little concerning. The Inkzooka hitting me from there is a bit more concerning. But never mind. I come back to the Splat Zones a bit obliquely, but add some ink to stop the enemy counter briefly, before failing to jump on to a target, who becomes a Kraken. So it goes.

An orange inkling looks to want to cause some disruption by climbing our rotating platform. I thwart his plans, by surprising him up there, before successfully crossing the Splat Zones. It takes me a while before I do anything over there, but having an orange inkling or two just know I'm there may be distracting them enough for my squidmates to hold the Splat Zones for a while.

One inkling finally drops in to my path, and I feel a bit mean about splatting him, until I realise he was wielding the Inkzooka earlier. Even so, I move out to stop my being a target, and by doing so get a couple more inklings drop in front of me. Nice! That lets me roll through the Splat Zone in relative safely, neutralising them, and helping the team re-capture the Zones.

A couple of Killer Wails are easily avoided, my Seeker Rush might have helped with something, and another crossing to the orange side just misses a super-jumper. A bit of tenacity catches that inkling, and I catch my breath off to the back. Moving up and sitting on a ledge has the Brush run in to me, but not literally, but I bump my beak in to the wall at the side when trying to dodge a Suction Bomb.

But no matter, the Splat Zones were ours and the battle is won by a knockout victory with ten seconds to spare. Woomy!

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