Sticking around the Splat Zones (6-1, Kelp Splat Charger)

24th June 2017 – 7.00 am

That rotating central plinth in the Museum is a great place to plant a Sprinkler for Splat Zones. It also occasionally makes a great place to aim at sitting targets. If only my aim was better, I'd get more splats. Still, I'm spreading ink with each missed shot, and my squidmates can get the splats, so it's all good.

From where I'm standing, turf control looks like a good option too. As long as I can prevent purple inklings getting across to this side, I should be relatively safe, and keeping as much turf green as possible helps the team in general. The occasional splat doesn't hurt either, and moving across at just the right time to catch a squid dropping in to the fray is quite pleasing.

A Killer Wail here and there helps control squid movement, and bags me a splat or two, which is nice. But quite beats getting a splat with the Sprinkler. There is the odd moment where there's no more turf in range for me to ink. That's okay, and I'm not tempted to abandon my good position to look for more. I'm sure I'm best served up here.

Ink turf, throw Sprinkler, get a splat. Our side is finally breached, and I can't snap a shot off quickly enough to prevent it. But on being splatted I see that our counter is down to three, and send out a congratulatory 'Nice!' to the team. The Splat Zones are neutralised, but as long as we get them back without the purple team taking control, the battle will be over in moments.

So, of course, the purple team take control of the Splat Zones at the crucial moment, pumping up our virtual score that we'll now have to overcome. So it goes. I go straight in to recovery mode, and now we really are fighting over the Splat Zones. My Killer Wail charges at just the right time to prevent another incursion to our side, which helps, and that lets me concentrate on spreading ink.

It takes a lot of ink and a fair few Specials before we stop the continuing drop of the purple counter, but at least when we do, and control the Splat Zones again, we have pushed their virtual score up, to add a bit more of a buffer between us again. Not that we were quite in any danger, but it's better that they don't get too close.

I don't think I know the inkling who comes to celebrate with me, or why he's doing it, but, yeah, I'm having fun too! As long as we don't let that purple inkling or Kraken across to our side, I'm all for a bit of squidding around. And it's a bit close, the game heading in to extra time, and a purple inkling encroaching on our platform, but my squiddy friend takes the hit, and we clear up the Splat Zones to end the battle in our favour. Woomy!

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