Helping with the push in Tower Control (6-3, Grim Range Blaster)

25th June 2017 – 7.00 am

Oops, in trying to keep my forward motion up whilst blasting, I jump in front of the charger. That's exactly what I don't like when battling with a charger, so I'm sorry about doing that. I'm aiming to hit the perch on our right, though, where the range of my Grim Range Blaster may be handy. I've still not quite understood the utility of Burst Bombs either, or I'd be using them to ink the wall much more efficiently.

My first encounter doesn't go well. I get a glancing hit before the inkling disappears, but he's clearly still watching, because he strikes when I turn to retreat. Nice move, that. The orange team wrests the Tower from us and makes a push, taking the lead, but we regroup and clear the Tower without too much fuss, and start pushing it the other way again.

We jump off before too soon, as orange ink comes raining in. But once the inklings are dealt with, pretty swiftly too, we get the Tower moving again. Not me, though, as I backed in to a nicely thrown Splat Bomb. Rather than super-jumping to support, or going directly towards the Tower, I head around the side. Blackbelly Skatepark is small enough where this works well, and often catches the defending team looking in the wrong direction.

I get a splat from behind, not that I'm sure my squidmates didn't have the situation under control, but the inking I did to get there charges my Killer Wail, which helps keep a path clear of inklings. They can, of course, simply hide around a corner, but my Grim Range Blaster splats one who tries. Just the one, though, another splatting me and a squidmate in return.

One squidmate remains on the Tower, however, and refuses to be splatted off it as it trundles on to hit the goal. That was quick. Woomy!

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