Distracting the opposition in Tower Control (16-7, Tri-slosher)

26th June 2017 – 7.00 am

I head for the flank to get behind the orange team immediately, and am glad that the Inkbrush moves a bit faster than me, putting her around the corner and somewhat unaware of me initially. From there, and a little conscious of how many orange inklings have been splatted, and may be about to come from behind, I move around to help with the Tower. And coming from behind helps me stay a little safer.

I start moving the Tower back, but with orange inklings obviously climbing the central column, I sensibly hop off again before I'm too easy a target, which helps keep the Tower clear and lets us give it a proper push. I try to get behind the orange team again, a bit early given where the Tower is, and use a bit of height to good advantage. I should probably move away at that point, as I have their attention, but I'm not good at doing that.

The Tower is nicely forwards. I could help by going directly to it, but I often find that sneaking around the back helps a bit better, as long as I can get there in time. I don't this time, but I still apply some pressure, going out and coming back, even if I make a meal out of a stationary Inkstrike-in-progress.

I ink some turf teal, then push for a splat or two to take the pressure off the team, sneaking under a Splash Wall with a Bubbler active for good measure. That gets one splat, and pushes another inkling backwards. I then almost do something really silly, but realise that squidding in to the E-litre 3K's sights with an Echolocator on me would end badly. A bit of height worked last time, but a bit of distance helps the E-litre 3K just as well.

My squidmates have made another good push, surpassing the lead they previously achieved. I can't help by the time I'm back at base, so I squid to the middle to look at inking turf and keeping the orange team back. I spot a good target, but jump behind the railings. Never mind, that wall helps me again. It's a good wall, that. I hide from the E-litre 3K, who appears when it looks like he's running from a Kraken of ours. Nice! And the Tower's coming forwards again, so I head around and along the channel to ink it teal.

There's some orange ink coming from somewhere, and it's up on the ledge. I go up to put a stop to it, but a small patch of orange prevents me from squidding on to the ledge myself. No matter, my bucket sloshes upwards. I think I've done a good job, and it takes me a couple of seconds to realise that the second splat was not the second inkling. The Tower keeps moving, and almost gets to the goal. Nice! This battle is probably ours, as long as we don't collapse.

I don't really help with keeping the Tower free of orange inklings, which is perhaps why I am better skirmishing in the Skatepark. I come back to convince myself that I am useful in that way, hitting the orange team from behind, but getting just a bit too much ink on me to get the quad-splat. But with only the E-litre 3K left, and him standing off the Tower, the good advance by the orange team is halted.

Or I think it's halted. The E-litre 3K jumps on the Tower, and his squidmates super-jump to him, and the Tower keeps coming. Hopefully with cool heads, my squidmates keep the ink flowing, and I lend a hand from behind, and we prevent our good lead from being bettered, riding the Tower to keep it away from our goal.

I bump in to the E-litre 3K and happily have the advantage with my Tri-slosher, but am a bit behind another inkling to get the splat before she is back on the Tower. I try to chase it up the column, but am hit from behind by the Brush. Thankfully, my squidmates are there as reliably as they have been for the rest of the battle, retaking the Tower and rewarding us the victory. Woomy!

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