Nearly mounting a comeback in Tower Control (12-8, Tri-slosher)

2nd July 2017 – 7.00 pm

I would give a pro-tip not to run headlong in to enemy ink, but I was splatted from above. I suppose the advice should be not to run in to obvious crossfire. Either way, don't copy my start to this battle. I come back to claim some turf, and as the Tower is returning to the top of the Skateparks central column, it seems like a good time to ride it, sloshing ink down from above. My footwork begs to differ, though, and a good-looking splatting opportunity turns sour as a Bubbler pops. So it goes.

We have an interloper claiming her own turf. I go to cover it up and throw a Disruptor to discourage her from engaging me, before my famous footwork drops me off another ledge. I clamber back up and keep my height advantage, being on the defensive for the moment, and catch a Kraken transforming back to inkling, and push the Tower back a bit. I push back a bit harder against the green team, using my own Bubbler to my advantage, but eventually get cornered. I almost avoid the Killer Wail by clinging to a wall, but it still gets me.

The Tower's coming our way again, so I head back up to the ledge and help clear it, before moving forwards to destroy a Beakon, and then hit the flank to claim some turf for us. It goes about as well as both other times. Another couple of splats sees me contributing little whilst the green team makes progress, at least with the turf war, and although I get one splat myself, it doesn't help with the Tower now being pushed further forwards. This is not looking good.

It's a risky move, but I head through the centre to flank the green team's push. Luckily, my squidmates clear the Tower, and my move helps clean up behind it, letting the Tower reset and then give us a chance to push it forwards. A timely Bubbler may get me knocked off the Tower, but a squidmate shares the Bubbler and hops on as I splat one inkling. Blasts of ink come from both sides as we finally make good progress, but the Splattershot Jr charges her Bubbler again to clear us from the Tower.

I trust my squidmates with the Tower for the moment, which is good judgment this time, as most of the green team are in front of me. I help splat three of them as the Tower is cleared, and we get another go on it. I move in a different direction, hoping to distract or flank, and almost manage both. But the Roller realises what is happening and moves to support her green team sooner than me, and, with a bit of judder, I move around just a bit too late to help directly.

Given the start, we made a good fist of the battle by the end. Maybe with another thirty seconds we could have taken the lead. But we didn't.

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