Splatting towards the goal in Tower Control (12-2, Tri-slosher)

3rd July 2017 – 7.00 am

Phew, how much ink does that inkling have in his tank? I think I only survive because of my squidmate adding to my own ink. At least I end up in a fairly good position to slosh over the Tower as the yellow team make the first push, and the Inkstrike that comes in gives us cover to force them back.

I ride the Tower for a few seconds, but chicken out when the Luna Blaster's ink explodes around me. Why don't I use my Bubbler, and help protect the squidmate who takes over on the Tower? I dunno. Instead, I mostly waste it when the Tower is recovered by the yellow team and ascends far outside of my bucket's range. Silly me.

I back off for the good of my health, and squid around the side to come up behind the yellow team as they push further towards our goal. My squidmates have the situation mostly under control, and I arrive to mop up. That gets me splats on all four yellow inklings, thanks to their desire to super-jump back to where the Tower no longer is.

As the Tower resets, the yellow inklings come back on foot or in ink, and I help continue to press them backwards with some help, whilst my other squidmates start to move the Tower positively. I pop my Bubbler at a much better moment, and the continued splats encourage me to keep going forwards.

Naturally, I'm eventually splatted, but I've caused a fair amount of disruption, and prevented most of the yellow team from catching up with the Tower. I come back to support the Tower more directly, whilst trying to be sensible and not just rush in to yellow ink to get splatted.

I want to clear the perch of the Hydra Splatling, but jumping on to the Tower to do so would be reckless, and move to get on to the perch from behind. By the time I get up there, a squidmate has splatted the Splatling, but I make the most of my position to splat the blaster coming from behind.

I splat a blaster ahead of us, use my Bubbler to get close enough to splat the Hydra Splatling, and although that takes a lot of pressure off the Tower, the other blaster comes from behind the wall to reclaim the Tower for the yellow team. But I am behind him, and help splat him off the Tower and get it moving towards the goal again.

The inky pressure overcomes me as we near the goal, but a squidmate is hidden neatly behind the Tower's pillar and pushes the Tower the last few steps for the knockout victory. Woomy!

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