So close to the goal in Tower Control (13-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

6th July 2017 – 7.00 am

I have to hang back a bit as a Carbon Roller Deco, as I don't really project ink, and launching a Seeker makes too obvious a path for me to squid through. Holding back to ink the home turf helps everyone without putting myself at unnecessary risk. Being available to defend has its benefits too. I press forwards when most of the pressure has lifted, but I don't get far before feeling it again, and that pushes me in to trouble.

I think about heading down a flank on my next outing, but an Inkstrike needs clearing up. After that's done, the Tower's coming my way, so I wait for the right moment, and start pushing the Tower back to the centre. And, well, why nota bit further, and in to the lead? Why not, indeed.

It wasn't much of a lead of the green team's to beat, to be honest, but I make ours better. I even ride the Tower quite sensibly, avoiding the charger's sight and a Suction Bomb, and hopping off when the inky threat gets a bit too great. I help to splat the threats, coincidentally avoiding a Killer Wail, and hop straight back on.

And straight back off again, to use my Seeker Rush. But a sneaky squid is in the ink, putting paid to my plans. We lose the Tower soon afterwards. Time to defend again. My Seeker doesn't find the green inkling after his Killer Wail, but I spy his ink trail and catch him trying to sneak on to our level. That puts me in the right place to stop the Tower too, much like a repeat of earlier.

This time, I can ride the Tower for longer. Quite a bit longer. Some green ink comes my way, but my squidmates are running roughshod over the other team, pretty much letting me hide on the Tower. If only I didn't hit the Tower's column quite so much with my Seeker Rush, I could have lasted just that little bit longer. But we leave the green team with a mountain to climb for the victory.

I decide to be more defensive now. We could push the Tower again, but it would be an awful lot of effort with little chance of improvement. Preventing the Tower from going far, or at all, is easier and safer. Maybe a bit dull from the green team's point of view, but I think we've earned this luxury.

My squidmates try their luck with the Tower once or twice, but those efforts don't go far as the green team try hard to get their tentacles on it. My skirmishing goes quite well, getting splats-of-denial here and there, and am only splatted back to base moments before the battle ends. I do a little jig to celebrate, but the green team just about manage to jump on the Tower to force the battle in to extra time.

I'd better pull my socks up. I head down and around the corner, hoping to get another splat like earlier, but this time the green inklings are expecting resistance, and more aggressively defend, using the Tower's column well to hide.

Now we start to look desperate, as the green team's Specials fly all over the place. I manage to splat one inkling, but am just out of reach of the Tower, both with my Carbon Roller's flick, and with my not-quite mighty jump. Thankfully, my squidmates aren't quite as clumsy, and defend as well as they attack, stopping the Tower with time to spare. Woomy!

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