Bombs away in Splat Zones (6-3, Splattershot Jr)

9th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Continuing my return to shooters, I pick up the Splattershot Jr for a bit. Splat Bombs and a Bubbler should be quite familiar to me, and I launch myself with confidence in to the Splat Zones. Once captured and looking good, I head towards the top, but divert my attention when a squidmate comes the same way.

I show a little caution on my way up the more direct wall, and although I get some hits in it is me who feels the weight of the ink. It feels a bit unfair, as we both have the same weapon, but I suppose I don't wield it quite so proficiently.

I head the long way to get around the back, apparently unnoticed for the most part. When I am noticed, I am soon splatted, even if the inkling's aim seems to be off. So it goes, I suppose, but I can't say I'm happy. I go back the same way, as the E-litre 3K moves on, and don't rush headlong in to trouble.

I see where the E-litre 3K's attention is, and move elsewhere. Unfortunately, my squidmates are splatting the purple inklings back this way with regularity, it seems, so I am caught before I can sneak up on the E-litre 3K. Still, my Bubbler charges, letting me get one splat, but am kept at range effectively to prevent any more.

I take a more direct route back to the Splat Zones. A Roller coming on to our level requires some immediate attention, and a nicely rolled Splat Bomb stops me needing to aim. I cover his tracks, help ink the Splat Zones, and drop down. The E-litre 3K is causing a threat, but a quick squid and nice throw splat her and a second inkling with an excellent Splat Bomb, no doubt helped by my squidmate's ink slowing them down.

Heading up the top is stopped by an oncoming inkling. I can't rely on my Splattershot Jr skills yet, but my Splat Bomb skills are nowhere near as rusty. Another one catches its target. The Splat Zones seem okay, so I try another sortie to the purple side, this time getting vengeance on the Splash-o-matic.

I flounder against a wall before aborting, and hide from a Bubblered inkling, but before I can exert some inky pressure, the battle is won. Woomy!

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