Early lead gets a bit sloppy in Rainmaker (13-6, Tri-slosher)

11th July 2017 – 7.00 am

Hitting the side quickly, getting a half-decent Disruptor throw, and pausing to avoid a flick pays off nicely to start the battle. Two inklings under my sloshes to start with, and a third who I just about manage to keep out of range from. Heading back towards the Rainmaker sees a squidmate pick it up, so when the Echolocator on me drops I sneak around the side, quickly catching two returning splats under a Killer Wail.

But I'm getting a bit ahead of the team. I squid back to help recover the Rainmaker before pressing ahead aggressively again to ink the way. Another Disruptor hits a target, and a bit of height lets me exploit my Tri-slosher nicely. Walking in to a Seeker finally stops my mini-rampage, but not the Rainmaker, which keeps on going to the base of the plinth before being stopped.

The purple team take control of the Rainmaker, and trying to keep them from getting too far seems to have the Dynamo Roller fall off the floor. Quite how she stays here and splats me is a decent feat. The Rainmaker's been stopped, at least, but more purple is appearing on the floor. Squidding around the side for an advantage runs in to a Carbon Roller flicking her way forwards. Either that, or her reflexes are amazing.

Hitting the side proper almost gets me splatted again, but I just about manage to slosh quicker than the Luna Blaster. My squidding isn't quite as fast, as I see the Rainmaker clamber on to our side of the map. Maybe that's a good thing, as having to force the platform up gives me better sloshing capability, and a second target.

Despite our early coordination, we are now firmly on the back foot. I take the higher turf, can't quite reach the action, but manage to find somewhere safe from a Killer Wail. I still don't get to do much but distract an inkling as I drop down, but I stay safe and the Rainmaker is stopped again. I keep going the way I point, coming across a sea of purple. Perhaps inadvisably, I ink as much turf yellow as I feel I can without compromising our defence, hopefully to give us better opportunity shortly.

Inking the turf also charges my Bubbler, which comes in handy when I return to where the purple inklings look to be lurking, waiting to pounce on our Rainmaker carrier. My little manoeuvrings help us to push the Rainmaker back slightly, obviously my squidmates doing the actual work, but the purple team are gelling together nicely now. It doesn't help that I sensibly wait for a Killer Wail to end, but stand in front of the Rainmaker's blast.

More height required! Although splatting the Luna Blaster is more pressing, and doing that lets me squid on top of a wall anyway. I drop down to help splat the Rainmaker, kind of, and with a minute to go it looks like we may just hold out. And finally a little height pays off. With the purple inklings come from one direction, a squidmate cleverly heads off in the other, dropping the Rainmaker down where it requires a longer route to come back. Nice!

I wait to see which way the Rainmaker goes, either waiting for it to come to me or, as it works out, sneaking behind it for the splat. That works nicely, and just as the battle is about to end. I raise the platform to make it harder to get to me, pop my Bubbler for a bit of protection, and burst the Rainmaker and grab it to end the battle with surprising little pressure. Woomy!

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