Splatting back in Rainmaker (10-6, Tri-slosher)

12th July 2017 – 7.00 am

Man, I think I've got that E-litre 3K Scope looking the wrong way and Disrupted, ripe for the splat, when he splats me without even looking, thanks to the Rainmaker's Shield. I have better luck with the Luna Blaster casually lobbing Splat Bombs over to us. But then I miss seeing who I assume is the E-litre 3K squidding back past me as I approach from the side. I think I'm lucky to evade another splatting myself, particularly with the Echolocator on. But I don't.

Meanwhile, I've foolishly ignored the Rainmaker's whereabouts, and the yellow team have got themselves a good lead. Stubbornly squidding in to the middle of a Splat Bomb Rush doesn't help, nor really does getting some height when the Rainmaker has already got behind me. I press on, inking turf to feel somewhat useful, and miss the slippery E-litre 3K again, but at least my squidmates have done well to reset the Rainmaker.

I am in the right place to help splat the next yellow push, which goes backwards a bit as well, letting us start in a better position, this time also without the E-litre 3K who I happily bump in to. I bump in to another inkling too, and pop my Bubbler nicely to help survive, and almost get another couple of splats further ahead, but the Luna Blaster's area-of-effect puts paid to my little burst of activity.

Hey, my squidmates take the lead! Nice! I am not there to help directly, but I hope I helped in some way. I pause on my return, thinking I'm probably by myself, but press forwards when I think it's safe to get a splat. Maybe, but not when being the only target for the Rainmaker and standing right in front of it. I'm a bit smarter as I return, holding back and waiting to see what move the yellow Rainmaker makes. I am a bit clumsy in my attack, but thankfully my bucket doesn't mind too much.

The Rainmaker is burst free, but I don't pick it up. My Bubbler is charged, and it seems that I could put that to better use. I am pushed back from my first choice of route, but am unsplatted, so head around the back. I manage to find a couple of surprised inklings in a couple of sloshes, and nearly get a third unscathed but the Burst Bomb Rush is quite inky.

I go back and wait for the next move again, before deciding to go around the side. An Echolocator hits as the E-litre 3K waits to splat me. I have been here before, and I am sensible enough not to just keep on going, but mostly hide. And I move away rather than engaging in a pointless one-on-one battle, which actually helps me stay unsplatted. It also lets me give chase to the Rainmaker, which is heading towards our base.

The Rainmaker doesn't get far, and with the battle almost over, I pop my Bubbler for security and start sloshing ink over the Rainmaker's Shield. My Bubbler helps quite a lot, saving me from two direct hits from the E-litre 3K. And although we don't burst the Rainmakers Shield, we do enough to keep it out of yellow tentacles and secure ourselves the victory. Woomy!

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