Finding some breathing space in Splat Zones (14-7, Tri-slosher)

14th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Going one way hits a Suction Bomb, so I turn back to gain some height. That gets some ink some way across the Splat Zones, but my little bucket doesn't have enough reach. Dropping down isn't a bad idea, but getting hit with an Echolocator just as I do it is unlucky. Thankfully, I stay unsplatted for just long enough for my Bubbler to charge. Popping that lets me get two splats, which is a fair trade for what happens when it dissipates.

The green team look to be setting up shop in the Splat Zones. Not even a bit of caution heading down the side makes much headway, and all the time their score continues to count down. Back up as high as I can get, until a misstep drops me down, but it works. My sense of duty once more forces me to close with the Inkzooka, and although I'm splatted, at least I take his attention away from everything else. And we have started to score.

My next entrance perhaps encourages me not to go that way again, plus there's a sea of green ink across our other flank, which is never healthy. I can't quite clear it on my first attempt, but a bit of height and some rotation helps reduce the issue. My squidmates are all doing good work spreading the ink too. Nice!

A well-timed Bubbler saves me from Burst Bombs and replenishes my ink, making me a sloshing machine. I like not being an immediate victim to the Carbon Roller too. A bit of housekeeping rarely goes amiss, but it's harsh running in to the .96 Gal there. Maybe it's time to try the short route again. It actually works. There's some inky pressure around, but some natty manoeuvring and my reliable Bubbler helps me push through it, get a couple of splats, and help recover the Splat Zones.

I take a rare opportunity to squid across to the other side. Sure, it takes me over a super-jumping ring, but I can slosh downwards. But I don't realise the Slosher is to my side, a splat gone to waste. I spy him as I squid back around, and get the bit of luck needed to keep squidding, and inking the green base as they inked ours.

Back-and-forth, helping splat and ink, having the presence of mind to throw my Bubbler in to a Suction Bomb. Getting some height on the green side to be a pest to the inklings coming my way. Finally with some freedom to move around, we keep hold of the Splat Zones quite easily. Woomy!

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