Pushed on to the back foot in Tower Control (15-8, Tri-slosher)

17th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

My starting gambit on Ancho-V Games is pretty much decided by my position on the base. I'm at the front, so I take the shortest route to the purple team. I try to be as sneaky as possible, for someone throwing buckets of ink around, and drop quietly on to the floor, happily manage only to ink the side of the block, and surprise the Mini Splatling. I surprise the other two inklings too. Nice!

I go looking for the fourth inkling, but a squidmate splats him. That leaves the Tower all for us. As my squidmates push the Tower forwards, I decide not to concentrate us all together and head around the back. That gets me the E-litre 3K again, and some helpful ink on the Mini Splatling, until a surprise Carbon Roller circles around and above. But still the Tower moves, right to the half-way mark. Good work! Let's see if we can improve this.

But the Tower gets in to purple tentacles, and I think that charging in would not benefit me or the team. Even so, being somewhere the Carbon Roller can splat me doesn't help either, but I didn't think he could get me there. At least he's not immune to Suction Bombs. I come back to an Echolocator, which I sit out, not wanting to be such a big target for the E-litre 3K. When it drops, I head around the side to flank the purple team. One target is lost on a rising platform, another out-inks me.

The Towers, but only for a moment. A Disruptor stops the Carbon Roller for a bit longer, and that lets the Tower reset and take some pressure off us. And that E-litre 3K is a big threat on the perch. Her aim isn't perfect, thankfully, but we can't just ignore her. Once we're in a better position I go looking for her, but she's moved, maybe because of the Suction Bombs heading her way, maybe because the Tower's moving. Either way, I manage to track her down, just before I'm splatted away myself.

I head around the side again, watching for my moment, and catch an Inkzooka in action. As a bonus, the E-litre 3K advances at the same moment. Still, the Tower is going the wrong way, so I pay some attention to that, helping to splat the remaining purple inklings. I chance that the E-litre 3K is back on the perch, and she is. I'm a bit clumsy, but just about avoid her Burst Bombs. It's a shame the Carbon Roller is in range too, though.

The purple team make another push, and we defend once more. I decide to be pro-active, and take the longest route to the E-litre 3K's perch, which works out perfectly. Sure, I get squished by the Carbon Roller when moving towards the Tower, but it means the Roller isn't on the Tower.

As I lay in a puddle of my own ink, I see my squidmates controlling the Tower, trundling forwards, as the battle comes to an end. It was a tough battle, but we're victorious. Woomy!

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