Can't get close to the Splat Zones (4-5, Tri-slosher)

22nd July 2017 – 7.00 am

Running in to a Splat Bomb is not a great start to the battle. It's a nice throw, though, and rolls just at my feet from behind the fan, and my already meagre reaction time is simply not good enough to get away in time.

The teal team capture the Splat Zones quickly, and push high to keep us from getting anywhere near them with brutal efficiency. I get some height to try to push them back without too much danger, buy my little bucket can't quite reach.

I drop down and throw a Disruptor, which helps, as does my Bubbler, and I nearly get to where I can see the Splat Zones, but a lone Burst Bomb, just when I am without my Bubbler and already damaged, stops me in my tracks. There's a brief moment where the Splat Zones aren't teal, but it is brief.

I head back along a long but safer route, and manage to get in to the Splat Zones. The turf I ink helps charge my Bubbler again, which lets me stick around the Splat Zones long enough to neutralise them, and help capture them. But a small barrage of ink hits me unexpectedly from over a ledge, turning a splat in my favour to one against me quickly.

At least we have a score on the board. Those eight points may be all we get. Heading down the short side route just corners me. I think I hit the Slosher with enough ink for a splat, but apparently not, and the Bamboozler had a bead on me anyway.

Our path to the Splat Zones is under teal ink again. I try to do what I can about that, but am conscious of the teal team's score, so push forwards sooner rather than later. Another Bubbler is charged, and I get to run around the Splat Zones sloshing for a bit, at least neutralising them, but an Sloshed again before too long.

The battle is over before I even reappear on our base. That was quick. I'm not quite sure what happened.

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