Squidding around the Splat Zones (6-3, Tri-slosher)

22nd July 2017 – 7.00 pm

My early attempt to splat the E-litre 3K on the perch near the moving platform doesn't quite work, and I don't make the jump across. But falling down lets me look towards the Splat Zones, and get a splat without popping my Bubbler. But the Bubbler may have helped against the E-litre 3K's aim. So it goes.

I avoid the E-litre 3K's gaze for now, looking to go around the side, and hit some different pressure. It doesn't stick around, letting me hit the Splat Zones, and my Bubbler helps me slosh uninterrupted to help capture the Splat Zones. I move on, thinking of jumping on to the E-litre 3K, but that super-jumping ring catches my attention. I don't see the Suction Bomb at all.

A bit of tidying up never hurts, and although our counter is stopped we don't lose control of the Splat Zones for too long. I spy an opportunity to press ahead, and, with a bit of caution from potentially returning inklings, mess up the teal team's side of the map. When it looks safe, I head around the side to look for the E-litre 3K. She's not there, but the Jet Squelcher is, and looking the wrong way too.

Heading back towards the oncoming teal team, finds the E-litre 3K returning, and the close range favours my bucket. Close range, and my Bubbler. Pushing further finds another inkling, and I complete a good triple, before heading back to the Splat Zones. They remain nicely purple, good.

I circle around again, and am not the only one pressing back the teal team. But although we prevent a couple of inklings from getting further, a couple of teal inklings are at the Splat Zones, and capture them. Quite why I don't turn around to focus on the objective is beyond me, as I'm not really helping at the moment, but thankfully our other squidmates are dealing with the Splat Zones.

I splat the E-litre 3K again, once her Burst Bombs run out and I realise my Tri-slosher disperses ink nicely, and it's off to the Splat Zones with me. I help keep one side purple as the other gets hit with an Inkstrike, but a second Inkstrike hits straight after. It's a blip in our control, but one that forces a buffer for us to work through.

I support our Splatterscope against the E-litre 3K, getting the final ink for the splat, but miss the super-jumper. The Splat Zones switch colours briefly again, and I head around the back, finding little action until I drop back down near the Splat Zones. My Bubbler keeps me safe for a bit, but I don't track the Suction Bomb Rusher well enough to let me escape when my Bubbler dissipates.

There's not much left to do if we capture the Splat Zones again, which my squidmates do before I get back, and this is one occasion where my 'Nice!' is not premature. Woomy!

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